Violation of Consumer Protection Procedures Act

The District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act (“CPPA”) makes it unlawful for a merchant to engage in any “unfair or deceptive trade practice” when dealing with a consumer, including a long list of practices specified in the statute such as making a misrepresentation “as to a material fact which has a tendency to mislead” or failing “to state a material fact if such failure tends to mislead.” A person (typically a consumer) may establish a claim under the CPPA regardless of whether “any consumer is in fact misled, deceived, or damaged” as a result of the violation.

A person establishing a claim under the CPPA may recover treble damages or statutory damages of $1,500 per violation (whichever is larger) plus attorney’s fees and expenses. Punitive damages may also be available under some circumstances.

A claim for a violation of the CPPA generally must be brought within three years of the date on which the claim accrues.

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[Sources: District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act, D.C. Code §§ 28-3901 to -3913.]